Yes, it has been a while since we have offered some perspective here, but rest assured we've been busy behind the scenes.  And now, it's time for us to knock the dust off of this corner of our Website... 

There have been a few changes here at SolarWinds, which means that there will be a whole new set of voices contributing to the Whiteboard in the coming weeks and months. 

One of those folks is Suku Krishnaraj, our new Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, who is leading the product team and helping  us shape our product strategy as we continue to move into the broader IT performance management market. Suku signed on back in October and you can read more about him here.  We are pretty excited about what he brings to the organization.  Here's what Kevin Thompson (our President and CEO) had to say at the time:

“When we look at the current landscape of challenges facing IT teams – from virtualization, to cloud and next generation data centers – and the offerings from today’s ‘market leaders,’ we continue to see a great deal of unmet needs around the world. We believe that this creates an opportunity with almost any IT organization for SolarWinds’ brand of value and solutions...  Suku’s deep experience in a wide range of IT management disciplines, including application performance management (APM) and business service management (BSM), can help us develop the right mix of products to respond to IT professionals’ needs both in the near-term and moving forward."

He has been spending the last few weeks getting up to speed on SolarWinds...  and now, he's ready to start offering his take on SolarWinds news, industry happenings and technology trends right here on the Whiteboard. 

So, stay tuned...  There's more to come!