Today, we officially enter the APM market with our launch of SolarWinds Application Performance Monitor. On this occasion, I want to offer some perspectives on the significance of this launch and why we are uniquely positioned to win in this market…

Applications are the lifeblood of IT, whether its email, CRM, trading or payroll… they are mission critical to any business. Regardless of the size of your organization, you need those applications to be healthy, scalable and high performing.

For that, applications need to be effectively managed.

And, finding the right APM tools to help address application-related problems?  Well, that is no easy task.  With the myriad of APM products in the marketplace, most do not speak to the practical pains of the users -- system administrators and application support folks, in particular.

First, let’s talk about the traditional framework and pure-play APM vendors, including the BIG 4s. You can go with them, but they will force you to buy too much, which costs too much, and make it too hard for you to realize any real-time value. Most likely, they’ll also require you to pay for professional services to deploy your APM… more money and more time.

Second, you can choose from the many point products that are, in fact, cheap. If you do, you will soon be looking for other tools to supplement your bag. They’re simply not adequate on their own to manage applications end-to-end—they don’t offer the depth or the breadth required to manage applications cohesively.

Now, there is another option…SolarWinds SolarWinds APM is a pragmatic yet powerful management solution at an affordable price.  Like our network and storage management products, APM is designed to be  extremely easy-to-use, easy to deploy and to deliver tangible value within hours.

Using a pragmatic and user-centric approach over all these years, we have achieved tremendous market leadership in the network management market, solving the needs of tens of thousands of customers.

We are now embarking on the APM market with the same goals.




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