Today, we announced the acquisition of the assets of Tek-Tools, a leader in the Storage Resource Management (SRM) market.  Obviously, this signals our belief that the same approach we have used in the network management space will also work in another area of IT infrastructure.  Namely, to provide powerful, affordable, easy-to-use solutions to the IT pros who deal with the daily pain of keeping the business going.  Just like the network management space, the storage management market has existing solutions from vendors not named SolarWinds, but many of them are expensive, hard to use, and not as multi-vendor friendly as they should be.  We think we can make that picture better for thousands of storage management teams worldwide, and do it quickly.  

But the part that gets us the most excited about Tek-Tools is the growing convergence of storage with the network, and with virtualized computing infrastructures.  We've heard loud and clear that it's not good enough just to look at one or two pieces of the picture in these virtualized environments.  You need the entire picture of performance.  Look at Cisco's UCS platform - that's multiple types of infrastructure in a single system.  Who wants to use different tools to manage the performance of that?  Now, I know that's just one example, and it's certainly not a mainstream solution yet - but it's an example of wherevirtualization will take IT environments.  Technology interdependence, higher management complexity, IT silos broken down.

We see that future, and hear the customer pain points, and we believe this acquisition gives us the technology to respond.  Let us know what you think!