• EOC - What We Are Working On

    Superseded by this page: EOC - What We Are Working On - Mar 2015 Please bookmark that page and follow it.
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  • Web Help Desk 12.3 Release Candidate now available!

    It is my pleasure to announce that Web Help Desk 12.3 has reached RC status and is available for download from the SolarWinds Customer Portal for customers on Active Maintenance through June 1st, 2015.   This re...
    Peter Krutý
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  • More Automation in NCM: Usage of Variables and Custom Properties in Command Scripts and Config Change Templates

    The purpose of this blog is to provide basic explanation of how variables and custom properties can be used in NCM scripts. Both of them enable network administrator to   replace hardcoded statements by node-dep...
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  • Orion Architecture

    This blog recaps in relatively simple terms and diagrams, the basics of Orion’s architecture.   It is obviously not exhaustive in terms of the products and the deployment combinations, but it will hopefu...
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  • FISMA / NIST 800-53 Compliance with SolarWinds Products

    As a part of helping untangle compliance initiatives, a popular request on the federal side is FISMA (Federal Information Systems Management Act) Compliance. In this post, I'll outline what FISMA compliance is, we'll ...
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  • Customer Training Program - Changing and Growing in 2015!

    For just over a year now, the SolarWinds customer training program has been offering classes on the Orion Core platform and NPM. During that time, we’ve delivered over 150 classes to nearly 2500 students. And no...
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    Now that Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 6.3 includes new management actions, alert remediation, and more, we’ve moved full steam ahead on the next release. We are continuing the evolution into a complete monitori...
    Steven Hunt
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  • Server & Application Monitor 6.3 - Beta Now Available

    Since the release of Server & Application Monitor (SAM) 6.2, the team has been busily plugging away on a long list of new features and general product enhancements.  Chief among them are improvements to the a...
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  • What We're Working on - Log & Event Manager Edition

    To receive updates on the LEM roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   (Updated March 2, 2015) Following our 6.1 release of LEM (more info: Announcing General Availability of Log & Event Manager 6.1 - ...
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  • Patching Virtual Systems & New Patch Manager 3rd Party Updates

    It's been a while since we talked SolarWinds Patch Manager and patching in general here on the Product Blog, but with VMWorld 2015 right around the corner all things virtual are on our minds. Here's a few quick consid...
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  • What we are working after User Device Tracker 3.2

    Thanks to the great feedback regarding UDT node discovery, we found several ways we could streamline importing nodes into UDT. As many customers prefer manually adding nodes already present in Orion database, we wante...
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  • What is database maintenance and how do I use it?

    Technorati Tags: SolarWinds,SolarWinds Orion NPM,SolarWinds Orion   Last week, the Head Geek and I did a webinar on Orion NPM product training.  Once of the common things that kept coming up was questions r...
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  • Database Performance Analyzer 9.1 Release Candidate is available now!!!!

    The Database Performance Analyzer team has been very hard at work to provide you with some great features that will not only help you with your current monitoring; Database Performance Analyzer is now in the Amazon cl...
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  • Detecting Malicious Insiders with Log & Event Manager

    We've seen time and again that dividing your security attention between the inside and the outside threat (and unfortunately the blend of both - when outsider leverages or becomes an insider) is an ongoing challenge. ...
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  • Network Configuration Manager v7.4 is Now Available!

    I am happy to announce General Availability (GA) of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) v7.4. This version includes the following new features and improvements:   Cisco IOS and ASA Vulnerability Repor...
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  • PCI DSS Requirements and Your SolarWinds Installations

    Several SolarWinds products can help with various areas of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements. The purpose of the PCI DSS is to set a baseline of minimum security for any vendor...
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  • Server & Application Monitor 6.0 Beta Sign-up

    As anyone who's been regularly following the thwack blogosphere might tell you, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) has an impressive track record of packing a ton of really great features into each and ...
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  • DISA STIG Compliance with Log & Event Manager

    Some say they can secure the unsecureable, manage the unmanageable, and that even Chuck Norris is forced to be compliant.   All we know is, they are called… the STIGs.   Updated June 29, 2015 &nbs...
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  • How can I monitor QoS policing and shaping?

    Network traffic limitation is very useful concept, because it gives you the control of what critical application/traffic must be prioritized over others router ingress/egress. However it's a challenge to define traffi...
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  • What We're Working On for Web Help Desk

    To receive updates on the WHD roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page   We are currently in the planning phases for the next release, based on user feedback we are investigating following areas. As we move fo...
    Peter Krutý
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