• Security Event Manager 6.7 is Now Available

    Security Event Manager (SEM) 6.7 is now available on your Customer Portal. You're probably wondering what exactly Security Event Manager is? It's the product formally known as Log and Event Manager (LEM). LEM has alwa...
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  • Intro to API, SDK & SWQL

    Greetings All!   On the SolarWinds Sales Engineering team, my colleagues and I often get requests from customers regarding how to do something custom, whether it is simply viewing certain data about a node on it...
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  • New and Enhanced Oracle Database Monitoring Template for Server & Application Monitor

    Hot off the heels of my previous post of new Server & Application Monitor content for Microsoft SQL and Exchange, as well as SAP HANA, we also now have some new and enhanced content for monitoring your Oracle data...
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  • What is new in ARM 9.2?

    SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) 9.2 is available on the customer portal!  Please refer to the release notes for a broad overview of this release.   Most of you are using cloud services in your ...
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  • NTM 2.2 Beta1 - Building a Better Network Diagram Tool

    Hello fellow network diagram geeks!  I'm excited to announce that NTM v2.2 beta1 is now available.  It has been quite some time since we've had a beta for NTM, but we're making some big changes and we need y...
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  • How to Migrate Orion to a New Server With Zero Downtime

    If you've been using the SolarWinds® Orion® unified IT monitoring platform for more than a few years, it's likely that you've at least once migrated it to a new server. You may have migrated from a physical ...
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  • Check AD, file system permissions and risks with the all-new, free Access Rights Auditor tool!

    We are happy to announce the release of SolarWinds® Access Rights Auditor, a free tool, designed to scan your Active Directory and file system and evaluate possible security risks due to existing user access righ...
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  • Who Watches the Watchmen? The Orion Health Page!

    As awesome as SolarWinds applications can be at helping avoid a network crisis, sometimes disaster strikes closer to home: in the Orion® Platform itself. You come in to work one morning and click on the web page,...
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  • Orion Architecture

    Legacy Page This blog was posted in 2011 and is no longer accurate.  For the latest information, check out the following resources:     SolarWinds Orion Platform Scalability Guide Orion Platform Arch...
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  • Log Analyzer 2.0 is now Generally Available

    I’m pleased to announce the General Availability of Log Analyzer (LA) 2.0 on the Customer Portal.  You may be wondering what Log Analyzer is. The artist formally known as Log Manager for Orion has undergone...
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    For those of you familiar with the Enterprise Operations Console, you may be familiar bshopp previously written, similarly titled article , which explains the function and purpose of EOC.  That article was a big ...
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  • Virtualization Manager 8.4 is Now Generally Available

    Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 8.4 is now available and can be downloaded from your customer portal. In recent releases, we brought you VMware vSAN monitoring, container support, and better centralized upgrades to your...
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  • SAM 6.8 WHAT'S NEW PART 2 - Enhanced Support for Cisco UCS Monitoring

    In part 2 of "What's New in SAM 6.8" we are going to discuss the improved Cisco UCS monitoring that is shipping with SAM 6.8 (If you were looking for part 1 it is over here: SAM 6.8 What's New Part 1 - AppInsight for...
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  • Bandwidth and Traffic: Hunting Hogs

    Woes of Flow A poem for Joe   It uncovers source and destination without hesitation. Both port and address to troubleshoot they will clearly assess. Beware the bytes and packets bundled in quintuplet jackets, for...
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  • Up and running with ARM

    After four months, it is time again to write another article about another product. As it happens, we’ve added a new toy to our portfolio: SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) Some of you may know it under i...
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  • Manage and Monitor PowerShell Scripts

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of PowerShell. “Fan” is a diminutive version of the word “fanatic,” and in this instance both are true. That’s why I was so excited to see t...
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  • Server Configuration Manager 1.1 is Now Available!  Who Made the Change?

    I'm very excited to announce that SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) 1.1 is now available for download! This release expands on SCM 1.0 capabilities, both giving more detail for each change detected, and ad...
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  • DPA 12.1 with Anomaly Detection, Management API, and Alerting Improvements

    I’m happy to announce the General Availability of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 12.1. This release focuses on deeper performance analysis and management of DPA through these cool new features: Anomaly Det...
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    For those of you who didn’t know, Storage Resource Monitor 6.8 is currently available for download! This release continues our momentum of supporting new arrays that you all requested on THWACK® as well as ...
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  • SWQL Walkthrough

    Hi, all!  And welcome back to our discussion on the SDK and all things SWQL. So, at this point, we’ve briefly introduced SWQL, but today we’re going to get down to building queries with SWQL and talk ...
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