• Rick's Favorite Report #1:  Display the last time data was transmitted or received on any switch's ports

    Our Desktop Support Team (which I'll call "EUPS" from here on--for End User Platform Support) rarely unpatches data cables from switches when PC's or printers or other devices move or are retired.  That results i...
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  • NPM 12.2 is Now Generally Available!

    NPM 12.2 was made available in the Customer Portal on September 13th!  The release notes are a great place to get a broad overview of everything in the release.  Here, I'd like to go into greater depth on...
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    I am excited to announce the latest release of Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 8.1 which is now available on the Customer Portal. Continuing the great work done in VMAN 8.0 to migrate VMAN functionality to a unified Ori...
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  • Monitor your storage arrays with a new free tool – Storage Performance Monitor

    We’re happy to announce the release of SolarWinds® Storage Performance Monitor, a standalone free tool that provides a consolidated view of all your storage array’s performance. Designed for storage a...
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  • NIST SP 800-171 Compliance with SolarWinds Products

    What is NIST 800-171 and how does it differ from NIST 800-53?   NIST SP 800-171 – "Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations" provides guidance for protecting t...
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  • How to automate the creation of Orion Platform (aka Core) nodes from the API

    As our customers deploy more SolarWinds products, we see an increasing number of demand for a programmatic way to export and/or import nodes (as well as interfaces, volumes…) from/to an Orion instance.   ...
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  • SAM 6.5 is Generally Available!

    If you're one of the many customers that tried the beta or release candidate, you've already seen many of the exciting new features in SAM 6.5. For the rest of you, here are more details about what's new:   Azure...
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  • Announcing General Availability of Web Help Desk v12.5.2

    We are excited to share, that we've reached GA for Web Help Deskv12.5.2   This service release includes:   Clickjacking protection This release prevents malicious code from redirecting a hyperlink in the We...
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  • SQL Server Two Ways - SAM AppInsight for SQL and Database Performance Analyzer

    Since SolarWinds acquisition of Confio back in October 2013, customers have asked about the differences between Server & Application Monitor AppInsight for SQL and Database Performance Analyzer (formerly Confio Ig...
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  • Monitoring Microsoft Office 365 with SAM

    Companies are moving their email to cloud in droves. Let's face it, administering Microsoft Exchange is one of those jobs that when everything goes right, no one knows you exist.  And when things go wrong, every...
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  • PerfStack - Real-Time Polling - Because Time is The Only Constant

    Orion and the modules which run atop the platform provide a tremendous wealth of statistical information at your fingertips for spotting trends and hotspots. That data collected is also helpful for determining if what...
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  • SAM 6.2 Beta - Because sometimes you feel like a nut - Part 1

    There's been quite a bit of chatter recently surrounding the hotly anticipated release of Network Performance Monitor v11, featuring the entirely new Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard. At the center of what makes ...
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  • DPA 10.2 Now Available - Root Blockers, Idle Blockers and Deadlocks

    Time flies when you were having fun, so I must be having a blast because Database Performance Analyzer 10.2  has arrived in a blink of an eye (just 6 months since 10.1).  If you are ready, you can download i...
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  • DPA Integration Module 11.1 - PerfStack, Blocking, and Deadlocks

    If you are using Orion, I am sure you have already heard of PerfStack (aka Performance Analysis), SolarWinds' Drag & Drop Answers to Your Toughest IT Questions.  DPA did not make the first cut of PerfStack, b...
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  • DPA 11.1 Availability Groups, SQL 2017, Oracle 12.2 and Amazon Subscription

    To kick off the Q4 releases, I am happy to announce Generally Availability of Database Performance Analyzer 11.1.   This release continues to build momentum on previous releases by extending our support of A...
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  • NPM 12.1 Sneak Peek – Meraki Wireless Monitoring

    Now that you’ve seen how to use PerfStack for networks, it’s time to check out the improved MerakiⓇ wireless monitoring of NPM 12.1!   This feature was born from a simple customer request: to cover M...
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  • Tips for Working with Technical Support

    For the most up to date information on working with support, please go to this link: https://support.solarwinds.com/Success_Center/Working_With_Support
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  • Deploying Custom Packages with Patch Manager

    With the release of Orion NPM 11.0 and the SAM 6.2 Beta, we are introduced to a new extension to the Orion Family: the SolarWinds Orion Agent.  We cover the below procedure step-by-step in the Orion NPM Administr...
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  • Get Your Head Out of the Clouds, and Your Data Too

    I have been bursting at the seams to write about this topic. Now that the Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Release Candidate is available, I can tell you all about it. As many of you may know, SAM already has an...
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  • SolarWinds and CIS Critical Security Controls

    The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides a comprehensive security framework called The CIS Critical Security Controls (CSC) for Effective Cyber Defense, which provides organizations of any size with a set of cl...
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