• Up and running with ARM - Updated February 2020

    Update: A few new screenshots based on the current version. Full release notes available here.   After four months, it is time again to write another article about another product. As it happens, we’ve add...
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  • SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer + Database Performance Monitor: Better Together

    On December 11, 2019 we announced the acquisition of VividCortex, which specializes in SaaS-delivered database performance management. VividCortex focuses on cloud-native applications along with open-source databases ...
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  • Intro to SWQL Studio

    Greetings! And welcome to the second in our series of primers on customising the Orion® Platform. Today’s post will focus on first installing and then navigating through SWQL Studio. This free utility is si...
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  • WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR TOOLSET (updated on 11/23/2016)

    To receive updates on the Engineers Toolset roadmap, JOIN thwack and BOOKMARK this page.   We are constantly looking for new tools to add to our Engineer's Toolset so don't forget to vote or submit your ideas. ...
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  • How to see (not only) UDT port information in IPAM

    If you are an active user of IP Address Manager and User Device Tracker, you know that having port, IP address & connected user information is important during troubleshooting. Understanding of who is using given ...
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    The Orion® Platform is designed to consolidate monitoring into a single source of truth, taking massive amounts of data and making it easier to identify issues in complex environments. A key component to this is ...
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    We are currently in the planning phase for the next release, we are investigating following areas. As we move forward we will update this post to reflect what we are working on short-term. Some of these items include:...
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  • Orion MIB Database – What Is It Good For?

    Most Orion users are aware that we ship a large MIB database (approaching a million OIDS) as part of Network Performance Monitor, but in conversations with users, we’ve noticed that some users are unclear on exa...
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  • Bandwidth and Traffic: Hunting Hogs

    Woes of Flow A poem for Joe   It uncovers source and destination without hesitation. Both port and address to troubleshoot they will clearly assess. Beware the bytes and packets bundled in quintuplet jackets, for...
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  • SEM and SQL Server Audit - Better Together

    As a production database administrator for many years, I was tasked with security requests. These requests ranged from “who changed what” to detection of SQL injection attacks. The role taught me how prope...
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  • Security Event Manager (SEM) 2019.4 is now available

    Security Event Manager (SEM) 2019.4 is now available on your Customer Portal and solarwinds.com.  The Release Notes are available here and steps to upgrade your existing SEM appliance here. The SEM online demo ha...
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  • Orion Platform 2019.4 and Its Modules Are Now Generally Available

    The SolarWinds® product management team is happy to announce the general availability of all 14 products on Orion Platform 2019.4. Every product has new features available in this release. Download now through yo...
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  • Monitoring Microsoft Office 365 with SAM

    Companies are moving their email to cloud in droves. Let's face it, administering Microsoft Exchange is one of those jobs that when everything goes right, no one knows you exist.  And when things go wrong, every...
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  • Welcome to User Device Tracker 3.4, With CLI-Based Device Polling

    In our latest release of User Device Tracker (UDT), you'll discover new port discovery and polling support for Cisco Nexus switching equipment. You'll also see UDT make a cameo appearance in our Network Insight™...
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  • New & Enhanced Application Templates for SAM - Part 1 - Exchange, SQL & HANA Edition

    Content is key as new applications get released to the market, as well as new versions of products that have been out there for some time. Application templates are a critical component of what makes Server & Appl...
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  • PerfStack - Real-Time Polling - Because Time is The Only Constant

    Orion and the modules which run atop the platform provide a tremendous wealth of statistical information at your fingertips for spotting trends and hotspots. That data collected is also helpful for determining if what...
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  • New and Improved SAM Application Templates for Oracle RAC, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Office 365

    The team continues to hammer away on enhanced and new application template content for Server & Application Monitor. The list below adds to what has been discussed in recent earlier posts, which you can find here,...
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  • How to Migrate Orion to a New Server With Zero Downtime

    If you've been using the SolarWinds® Orion® unified IT monitoring platform for more than a few years, it's likely that you've at least once migrated it to a new server. You may have migrated from a physical ...
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  • Manage and Monitor PowerShell Scripts

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of PowerShell. “Fan” is a diminutive version of the word “fanatic,” and in this instance both are true. That’s why I was so excited to see t...
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  • DPA 12.0 Part 1:  Query Performance Analysis and PerfStack

    To kick off the Q3 systems releases, I am happy to announce Generally Availability of Database Performance Analyzer version 12.0.   This release focuses on analysis with two major features: Query Performance...
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