If you haven't noticed, Storage Resource Monitor 6.1 is now GA!  What does this mean?  More array support!  This release adds additional device support to the Orion Module, allowing customers to monitor more devices on the Orion Core Platform and take advantage of the AppStack Environment View.

  • EMC Symmetrix VMAX/VMAXe/DMX-4 Arrays
  • Dell Compellent
  • HP StoreServ 3PAR
  • HP P2xxx/MSA
  • Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4xxx/5xxx

Storage Resource Monitor is more than the average monitor because it does more than simply monitor your storage.  When combined with other AppStack enabled products from Solarwinds, it enables you to identify when storage contention is the root cause of application performance issues.  However, Storage Resource Monitor is great even without AppStack because it provides a single pane of glass into heterogeneous storage environments.

SRM Home.png


Remember that Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is fairly new.  Having only first come out in February, this is only the second release of this new platform.  Previous blog posts like Storage Dreaming - The Next Chapter for Storage Monitoring with SolarWinds and Dreams Come True - Storage on Orion is now in Release Candidate tell the outstanding AppStack story, but there's more to SRM than just AppStack. In my last blog post on SRM when I announced 6.1 beta, I told you about some of it's features and I continue that here by describing 4 resources found right on the main dashboard.

A Quick Overview of the main Dashboard

The "All Storage Objects" resource can browse your arrays, pools, LUNs and volumes to identify potential root causes at lower levels to impacts at higher levels.  Notice that this browser is browsing multiple storage arrays from multiple vendors.  You don't need multiple products, one for each array.  Storage Resource Monitor can simplify your storage management.

The "Array Raw Disk Capacity" resource helps you stay ahead of your organization's storage consumption by breaking down capacity into spare, used and remaining.

The "Storage Objects by Performance Risk" resource is a great way to look across a large storage environment and quickly identify the performance hot spots like IOPS, latency and throughput.

The "Storage Objects by Capacity Risk" resource reveals when capacity is getting tight for your arrays, pools, LUNs and volumes.  The Last 7 Days trend line reveals sudden growth surges and in the far right column of the Storage Objects by Capacity Risk, Storage Resource Monitor projects when storage objects will run out of capacity.

For more feature content, check out another relatively recent blog post, Monitoring and Alerting Repairs it Entirely!

AllStorageObjects61.png  ArrayDiskCapacity61.JPG
StorageObjectByPerformance61.JPG  StorageObjectByCapacity61.JPG