User Device Tracker (UDT) 3.2.1 Release Candidate is now available in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.


UDT 3.2.1 brings back ability to monitor new switches and routers without a need to do re-discovery. You can now simply go to Port management page =>


... and choose from a new dropdown to see devices not monitored with UDT (e.g. anything you’ve just added to NCM, NPM etc.).


Selecting desired nodes and clicking on Monitor with UDT will make all their ports monitored within one polling interval (default is 30min).


The Release Candidate is a fully tested and supported release and you can upgrade to the RC from your previous version of UDT.

Should you need assistance during the installation, feel free to contact SolarWinds support or you can use dedicated RC Thwack space.

Looking forwards your feedback!

UDT team