It is my pleasure to announce the release of NPM 11.5!  This release includes:


Wireless Heat Maps


Capacity Forecasting


Web Based Alerting

Web Based Alerting.png

  • Wireless heat maps  with client location for Cisco controllers
  • Capacity forecasting for bandwidth, disk space, RAM, and CPU
  • Web based alerting
  • Automated dependency mapping to cut down alert noise and focus on the root cause
  • Mandatory custom properties to avoid provisioning oversight
  • Automatic geolocation on WorldMaps to translate SNMP location strings into a geographical view of your environment.
  • Automatically identify applications using the Packet Analysis Sensors and Quality of Experience dashboard
  • Enable, disable, or adjust hardware health monitors for individual nodes
  • Automatically identify new or rare devices in your environment based on SysOID.
  • Monitor interface state and display it on a timeline; no more combing logs for interface UP/DOWN!
  • Detect interface duplex mismatches throughout your environment like never before
  • More goodies for you to find!


We're confident these features will meaningfully increase your visibility and automate common tasks so you can get back to working on the interesting stuff.


The wait is over.  Get NPM 11.5 now on the Customer Portal!