Thanks to the great feedback regarding UDT node discovery, we found several ways we could streamline importing nodes into UDT. As many customers prefer manually adding nodes already present in Orion database, we wanted to make it easier to do so, in addition to the existing Network Sonar option. Below we'll walk through the new flow to add existing Orion managed nodes into UDT, regardless if they are NPM, NCM or devices managed by other Orion products.


As the primary reason for adding nodes is the port monitoring, we decided to make this flow start at Port Management page under UDT settings.


A new drop down menu allows you to work with existing monitored ports and nodes already managed by UDT in addition to selecting those managed by other products.



Once selected from the list of unmanaged nodes, you can continue the import by clicking on new button: Monitor Node by UDT


New nodes will be imported in the background so you can keep working without the need to wait until the process is finished.

Once the import is completed, an Event message about the success is displayed.

Apart from adding this new import option, we are also looking at future improvements to the Polling of VLANs. Newly, suspended VLANs will not be polled, saving system and node resources especially in bigger and more complex networks with more VLANs.