The Virtualization Manager 6.2 Release Candidate (RC) is now available in the Customer Portal for customers on active maintenance through 04/01/2015.  Release Candidates can be installed on the production system you have running today and you can contact support with any Release Candidate issues you may encounter. The Product Management team would love to hear your feedback on the RC at the Virtualization Manager RC Forum on Thwack. We also ask that you fill out the following survey to provide us some information regarding your virtual environment.

The latest release of Virtualization Manager (VMAN) is full of new features, some of which were covered in the following post:


  • AppStack
  • Management Actions
  • Co-stop % Counter
  • Web based Reports
  • Web Based Alerts
  • Appliance password Improvements



Stand-Alone Virtualization Manager on Orion

With all the talk of integration with Orion, those customers that only own Virtualization Manager are probably asking "what about me?!!"  The answer is a stand-alone Orion Virtualization Manager Module that integrates with the VMAN virtual appliance.  This stand-alone module does not require NPM or SAM to be installed and provides access to all the goodness we have baked into VMAN for Orion such as baseline thresholds, web based reporting, advanced alerting, and role-based access control to name a few.


The goal of integration with Orion is not to simply have virtualization tabs in Orion but to improve on ease of use and reduce the time to resolution by providing tools available in Orion today.  Your feedback has made it clear that ease of use is paramount and we are addressing this by implementing features in the Orion platform which improve usability. Whether you are an administrator wearing many hats (network admin, sys admin, desktop support) and managing small virtual environment or a virtual administrator trying to get your arms around performance issues of thousands of VMs across multiple data centers, VMAN provides a simple and easy to use interface that will help you diagnose current issues and provide you with useful data to get ahead of future performance problems.

Hotfix Install Improvements

A new hotfix implementation method has been added to the Virtualization Manager appliance.   First Step - Navigate to https://ipaddress:5480/ where IPaddress is the address of the virtual appliance server management page. Once logged in select the SolarWinds Mgmt tab and choose HotFix install.  The hotfix install will let you browse to the install package and install the hotfix automatically.  It is that simple; no more logging into the appliance console and manually typing in command parameters to install a hotfix.


Fixed Issues

IssueCase Number
Virtual hosts are not linked properly to Orion nodes.666113, 735396, 706484, 676201
Host to vCenter mapping does not work correctly.712659
ESX host is displayed as down even when it is running.333590, 395330
Dashboard reports are created with incorrect time frames.566645
Labels cannot be removed from Virtualization Manager.694726
No latency information is collected for Hyper-V CSV datastores.-
Issues with local datastores.630786, 677971
The alert history of a configuration items gets cleared incorrectly.642124
Incorrect information is displayed in Virtualization Manager about connected media devices.576193
Issue with data segments not being displayed on Virtualization Manager charts.585989
Incorrect values are displayed as VM Tools status.610075
When multiple trends are added to a widget, a flat line is displayed for some trends.621536
Sorting on the Trend widget does not work properly.621811
Issues with filtering results by VMware Tools status in Virtualization Manager.625185, 625346
The fitment widget report does not work with custom Resource Containers.619730

Don't forget to leave your RC Feedback at Virtualization Manager RC Forum on Thwack.