New Free Tool You Say?


It's our pleasure to announce the availability of SolarWinds' latest free tool: Response Time Viewer for Wireshark®

Response Time Viewer has the ability to read in common packet capture file formats and automatically identify signatures for over 1,200 applications.

With applications identified, we'll then break out a host of metrics:


  • Application Response Time (ART) - Time to first byte
  • Network Response Time (NRT) - Three-way handshake
  • Data Volume (Total and bps)
  • Transaction Volume (Total and Avg per minute)


You can then filter by application, and export the pre-filtered capture back out to a PCAP for detailed analysis in Wireshark. No more digging around in Wireshark, filtering by port and protocol trying to find your interesting traffic!

With Response Time Viewer, we make it easy to find the traffic in question, and start to understand whether there may be an issue with the network, or if you may be having a server problem.

Next time you're hunting for that needle in the haystack, give Response Time Viewer a try: SolarWinds Response Time Viewer for Wireshark®

If you're looking for an excuse to check it out, it's also the subject of this month's Thwack mission: thwack Monthly Mission - July 2014