Fellow Engineers,

Starting today, you will have a new and shiny Engineer's Toolset (ETS) v11 RC available for a download at your portal. This version brings a lot of changes, so please read carefully following lines on how to install and activate it...


First of all, you may wonder: What's new?

Feature-wise, there are 5 new Web tools that you can run either standalone or integrated with an Orion console and the list includes:

  • Real-time Interface Monitor
  • Real-time Memory Monitor
  • Real-time CPU Monitor
  • Response Time Monitor
  • Trace route


These real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools can render data on the chart in 5 sec intervals with the retention of 10000 points, therefore allowing you to gather hours of granular statistics for one interface, or even 12 interfaces in one chart if you need. Also, you can run up to 3 concurrent tools in the same browser. If a maximum of 12 metrics monitored is not enough for you, there is always an option to switch from the chart to a table view, where hundreds of different metrics can be displayed simultaneously for dozens of interfaces/nodes.


Thanks to the native Orion integration, new Toolset on the Web will be accessible also from mobile devices (please note that higher-end devices, with at least 1gb of memory are recommended for the seamless experience (e.g. Samsung S3 will work, iPhone 3 won't...)



In v11 there also completely new installation and activation steps, summed below in order of importance:

The download package contains 2 installers - 1 for the classic ETS and 1 installer for Toolset on the Web (which includes also Orion core and SQL database). 2 Installers exist because you may wish to install on 2 different machines (e.g. your PC and Orion server). Still, you can install both on Orion server/pc only...



Since there are 2 installers, there are also 2 activation keys (named respectively) in the licensing section of your customer portal. If you wish to install both, Desktop and Orion Toolset, you will need to use both keys. These RC keys are timebombed and after they expire, your ETS will automatically start using proper v11 keys.


Once ETS Web is installed, you should log into the Orion console as Admin to allow other users to run new tools. By default, Admin is the only user given the ability to assign seats to other users. Depending on the number of your Toolset licenses, you will be able to assign respective number of available seats to existing Orion users. Since you can share the credentials between multiple users, we've decided to implement cookies-based access limitation, so you won't be able to run Toolset on the Web from 2 browsers using the same username..


Apart from the access administration, you may wish to change default SNMP credentials, metrics which can be monitored or optional thresholds.



Should you have any difficulties to activate or use the new v11, please don't hesitate create a thread in the Engineer's Toolset Release Candidate group on the Thwack , contact our support or even ask me directly for an assisted installation with the Dev team.

Looking forward your feedback!

Peter Ksenzsigh

Product Manager