Last quarter we announced the release of Virtual Classrooms, our free product training program for customers with active maintenance. The response to these deeply technical and hands-on courses has been stupendous.


Since the January launch, we've had nearly 1,400 students pass through one of our 80 intimate classroom sessions. With the positive feedback and high demand for the program, we have been working hard to develop new courses and expand the offering.


To help facilitate the growth, the NPM 101 and 102 courses are being upgraded to include basic training across the entire Orion Platform (and they will be getting new names). If you own any products that live on the Orion Platform, these courses are a perfect way to get your bearings or catch up on the latest platform advancements.


But that's not all. Coming later this quarter we will be launching advanced courses for Server & Application Monitor (SAM), so stay tuned to thwack and your customer portal for more information.


Current Classes

All courses are approximately four hours long and offered at various times and dates.


SolarWinds Orion Platform 101: Getting Started - Navigation and Management, Discovery, Mapping, and Custom Views

The SolarWinds Orion Platform provides the backbone for a suite of SolarWinds products including NPM, SAM, NTA and more. This course offers a product-neutral introduction to Orion Core. We will take you from the initial install through customization and daily use. We'll cover familiarization with the web interface, automatic discovery and manually adding devices and applications, creating maps, managing user accounts, and creating custom views.


SolarWinds Orion Platform 102: Digging In - Advanced Alerts, Reporting, and More

SolarWinds Orion Platform 102 dives into advanced alerting and reporting with a product-neutral look at the tools and features available, including the new web-based reporting interface. We cover creating and managing custom alerts, alert suppression, object dependencies, and custom properties. We will create and automate reports, and also show how to integrate those reports into custom views for easy, real-time access.


SolarWinds NPM 201: Advanced Monitoring - Universal Device Poller, SNMP traps, Syslog Viewer

NPM 201 digs into some of the more advanced monitoring mechanisms available. We'll get away from the "out-of-the-box" object configs and default monitoring settings to create a customized monitoring environment. If you have a good understanding of MIBs, OIDs, and SNMP (or would like to), this is probably the right class for you.


SolarWinds NPM 202: Performance Tuning - Tuning, Remote Pollers, License Management

NPM 202 focuses on maximizing performance. This means tuning your equipment to optimize its capabilities, tuning your polling intervals to capture data you need without bogging down the database with less critical data, and adding additional pollers for load balancing and better network visibility. This class is great if your NPM could use a tune-up, or if you are considering expanding your deployment with additional licenses, polling engines, or web servers.


Where to Sign Up

You can sign up in your customer portal.



If the classes you want is full, feel free to write us at and we'll let you know as soon as we add new classes to the schedule.


Don't Forget About Customer-Only Trials!

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