It is our pleasure to announce NPM 10.7 has reached Release Candidate status. Since just recently announcing the 10.6 release, the SolarWinds development team has been hard at work delivering great new features for 10.7.  Release Candidates are fully supported and can be installed on your production environment. Some highlights of 10.7 RC1:


Link Utilization on Maps


If enabled in Network Atlas, L2 link utilization will be displayed on the map:



Independent Node Thresholds and Baselining

As first seen in SAM, NPM inherits the ability to have independent node and interface thresholds. These thresholds can be dynamically calculated on a weekly or daily basis to provide a moving window.


NOC View

For those of you that have your NPM console up on the big screen, 10.7 also introduces a special "NOC Mode" that removes the top tabs and cycles through subviews. Since NOC screens tend to have a lot of real estate, we've increased the max columns to 6.


Custom Poller Packages

Imagine if you could take your Universal Device Poller data and stick it in native CPU and Memory fields. In 10.7, now you can! Define your polled OIDs, transform, and apply to CPU / Memory fields- polled data will be treated just as native data is. No need to create custom reports and alerts. Import / Export and share on thwack. We've included some sample ones to get you started. (HP Procurve and Fortimanager chief among them.)


Routing Resources now Support VRFs


Resource Drag and Drop

If you had a chance to try any of the 10.7 betas, you may have noticed the hashed "grab-bars" now at the top of each resource. That's right- drag-and-drop resources! We've also added dynamic column resizing to make view customization even easier.




Support for Ruckus and Motorola Wireless


Ruckus and Motorola wireless polling is now natively supported. No need to use UnDPs to retrieve AP info.


SNMP Status


Since time immemorial, ICMP reachability has been a requirement for a node to show "Up" in NPM. No longer! "List Resources" or use the new "Manage Pollers" page to change what determines status



In addition to these highlighted features, there are a host of incremental feature enhancements and bug fixes. Download the RC from your customer portal to check it out.