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We are just coming off the latest Service Release of Kiwi Syslog in which we added support for Windows 2012 R2 and the development team is already hard at work on the next version and I am pretty excited about some of the things we have coming.  Below is a highlight of some of these items in the pipeline.

  • IPv6 Support
    • The ability to receive not only IPv4 messages, but also IPv6 as well.
  • Enhanced SNMP Support
    • SNMPv3 Support
      • We already support the ability to both receive and send SNMPv2 traps, this will also add SNMPv3 support as well
    • Allowing trap "varbind" elements in output
      • Originally suggested by our own head geek adatole when he was a customer, this is native supporting of the parsing of incoming trap data into "varbind" elements so that these varbinds can be used in output options (send syslog, email, log to file, etc
    • Enhanced SNMP Trap Forwarding
      • Similar to how we do with Syslog today, allowing you to retain the actual IP and trap message data from the Kiwi server
  • Enhanced Email Reports
    • Better reporting around system and message receiving statistics
  • Enhanced Web Console User Access
    • Removing the existing hard limitation of only 5 users accounts in the web console


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