In case you missed it, the Log & Event Manager team recently released our 5.6 version which was packed with great features. And as always, there’s more exciting stuff coming, here's a sneak peek:


Disclaimer: this is not a commitment to a timeframe or delivery of any of the features discussed below. This is also not a commitment to deliver all of these features in our next release. This post is intended to give you a rough idea of what we're doing.


  • Scheduled nDepth searches
  • Support for Windows 8 with Workstation Edition
  • Support for auto-recycling licenses when using LEM in VDI-based desktop environment
  • Scalability enhancements to rules engine and appliance-side processing
  • Simplified agent update
  • NetApp connector
  • FIPS self-certification statement
  • And many other smaller customer enhancement requests and bug fixes - stay tuned for more details.