Let's Welcome the new "World Map" resource




If you've already had a chance to upgrade to the NPM 10.6 or SAM 6.0 RC's, you may have noticed the new "Worldwide Map" resource.



For those of you that have been requesting this feature, or maybe already framing in Google Maps with your own API key to display dynamic map content, this new resource will be a real treat.

Worldwide Map has the capability to display the status of nodes or an aggregated group of nodes over dynamically updated street data.

Perhaps you're an ISP that manages customer premise equipment all over town? Worldwide map makes it easy to layout and view where your equipment is, and it's relative status. Manage a campus environment and want a birds-eye view of your gear? This new resource has you covered.

To add nodes to the map, simply click "Manage Map" and "Place Nodes on the map"


Just select where you want the nodes, what nodes are to be placed at that location, and click submit. That's all there is to it.

If you placed a group of nodes, the status of the icon will reflect the "worst" so you instantly be able to see if a node is in a down status.

To select the default position and zoom level, simply "Edit" the resource.


In the future we can look at adding support for other objects, or borrowing some further functionality from the Network Atlas playbook.

What else would you like to see added? Please Let us know in the comments below.