For those of you that have installed the RC of NPM 10.6, you may have noticed some changes to the reports menu. And by changes, we mean the newfound ability to create awesome new reports from the web console. The report writer you have come to know and love is still available, and functions exactly as it always has. Reporting isn't something people generally get worked up about, but we think you'll love the new functionality so much, you'll never go back to the old writer. Without further ado, let's go into some highlights.



New Canned Reports


In addition to all the reports you have come to expect from the previous report writer, we've added a bunch of new reports for NPM (and NTA.) New reports have the ability to contain multiple resources (tables / charts) that can be configured to report on separate (or the same) data sources or time periods. For example:


To make your life easier, you can take these existing reports and customize them to your heart's content.

The new report writer gives you the ability to change the header / footer / logo / etc. Additionally, the resources themselves are drag-and-drop to make it easier to layout the report and get it to your boss' satisfaction.


Custom Reports


If you're more of a DIY sort of person, the new report writer gives you the ability to create a useful report from scratch- no SQL required. (Unless you really want to use SQL- it can do that too.)

Feel free to use most any of the existing web resources, or create new resources all your own.


Creating a custom chart or table is as easy as defining your datasource (which can be dynamic) and then the data you would like to report on.


Data can be filtered to represent the top X items, or the top X percent of items.



Sorting? Check. Grouping? Check. Summarization? Sure. Aggregation? You bet.

The new report writer allows you to get as simple, or detailed report as you like. Reporting can often be a challenge, particularly when you are creating a detailed custom report.

In NPM 10.6, we made it easy. If you're a current SolarWinds customer, NPM 10.6 RC is available now in your customer portal.

Please take it for a spin and let us know what you think.