After the release of NTA 3.11 we here at SolarWinds turn our focus on performance and retention with in NTA. There have been several surveys that you all have been great about providing feedback on in addition to here on Thwack. Survey Says: make it run faster! Retain my data longer! You asked, we listened and now we are focused on delivering our next release with these enhancements as the primary focus.

  • Performance:
    • Decreasing Web Page Load Times
    • Decreasing Flow Processing overhead
    • Increasing Flow Processing speed and capacity
    • Decreasing SQL DB overhead
  • Retention:
    • No more data aggregation
    • Greatly increased detailed data retention


And for all you Juniper folks, we're also planning on supporting sampled jFlow. Stay tuned for more updates about beta builds in the near future! Can't be contained in 4.0


Disclaimer: This is not a commitment to a time frame or delivery of any of the features discussed below. This is also not a commitment to deliver all of these features in our next release. This post is intended to give you a rough idea of what we're doing.