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When the v11.0 with new Toolset on the Web was introduced, it brought some fresh air to the Engineer’s must-to-have collection of tools and therefore we decided to continue with this trend also in the upcoming v11.1.

Out of all changes planned for the v11.1, a native web-based SSH client tool is the most significant addition so here is a small summary what it can do.



Web-based SSH client


Included in the Toolset drop down and available for every Orion managed Node/Element, SSH tool is available within a click anytime you need it.


Focusing on the simplicity, the main SSH client page allows you to connect to any Orion managed node and utilize the existing connection profiles created in toolset or NCM (if installed on the same server). Naturally, you can connect also to non-managed devices and specify your own credentials.



Natively supporting colors, exit characters and basically everything you would expect from the SSH client…

To simplify the credential management and keep everything under your control, administrators are allowed to create, manage Connection Profiles and assign them to devices globally but also individually to each and every user. This way, new users can have SSH access to some of the devices even without a need to know the password.


For more security sensitive organizations and/or troubleshooting purposes, auditing will be enabled by default so you can see when and who connected to what device using which credentials. When installed on the same machine with NCM, Toolset SSH client respects the more granular NCM roles of admin/engineer/uploader/etc and adjusts who can use pre-defined connection profiles.

Unlike with other real-time tools on the Web, there won't be limitation of 3 active tabs per browser so you will be able to connect to as many devices as you will need to.


Looking forwards to hear your feedback

Peter Ksenzsigh

Toolset team




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