The SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset – 10.9.1 Release Candidate is now available for download in your customer portal.

This Release Candidate fixes the following issues.


• Issues with Neighbor Map (250173, 186932)

• Port Mapper - In correct VLAN ID displayed (156029)

• Bandwidth Gauge –Historical Statistics issue fixed (175923)

• Subnet Calculator – Resulting in wrong subnets (243226, 228460, 222771)

• Port Scanner crashes (222332, 218038)

• Switch Port Mapper does not work with Cisco Nexus 5000 (197087)

• Switch Port Mapper does not show MAC Address (204097)

• Switch Port Mapper fails to export to CSV format (250453)

• Workspace Studio Crash (236890, 236888)

TraceRoute crashes when hostname is not resolved (233322)

• Cannot add nodes to Bandwidth Gauges, with Non Admin user rights (234987)

WorkSpace Studio: Interface Chart % Utlization Rx+Tx faulty logic (245706)

• SNMP Real Time Graph displaying duplicate column names (250074)

• Watch It gives a Run-Time error after exiting the application when log in as a standard user (241675)

• Compare config Tool error out when logged in as a standard user (240296)


We have also included some enhancements into the tools.


• Enhancements into the TraceRoute tool.

WorkSpace Studio - Export function available in IP Network Browser.

• Neighbor Map can now export to Visio

• Proxy Ping supports IPV6 and SNMPv3

• SFTP functions using DSA Algorithms

• Fixed the renaming of file name in SCP Server and TFTP Server Tools.


The full set of release notes will be available when we have the formal release.


P.S: The Release Candidate (RCs) is a fully supported early release available to existing customers. If you have active maintenance and you are interested in the RC, please download the RC from your Customer Portal..

For those of you not familiar with Google Fusion, it's the latest (beta) data visualization tool to come out of the Mountain View Chocolate Factory. Among other things, it can make some pretty awesome charts and maps.

Since we here at SolarWinds subscribe to all sorts of geekery, we thought it only fitting to pump our topology and dependency data into it and see what came out. As you can see from the video below, the results are pretty awesome.


So how does one go about creating such a cool map and putting it in NPM?


First, you'll need the SolarWinds SDK installed (


Then open SWQL Studio and attach to SWISv3 with your Orion Credentials.

For topology data, use the below query:



SELECT d.Caption AS DestCaption, s.Caption AS SrcCaption FROM Orion.TopologyData t

JOIN Orion.Nodes s ON s.NodeID = t.SrcNodeID

JOIN Orion.Nodes d ON d.NodeID = t.DestNodeID




For Dependencies, you would use the below query:



SELECT dp.ParentDisplayName, dc.ChildDisplayName



SELECT d.DependencyID, d.ParentUri, p.DisplayName AS ParentDisplayName

FROM Orion.Dependencies d

JOIN System.ManagedEntity p ON p.Uri = d.ParentUri

) dp



SELECT d.DependencyID, d.ChildUri, c.DisplayName AS ChildDisplayName

FROM Orion.Dependencies d

JOIN System.ManagedEntity c ON c.Uri = d.ChildUri

) dc ON dp.DependencyID = dc.DependencyID





Right click on the results and save as a CSV file to your local hard drive.


Now let's go over to Google and search for "Fusion Table"


Select "Create" (you may need to login with your Google account credentials)

Select "Choose File" and select the file you have saved from SWQL Studio and click Next.

























Take a moment to admire your data, and click Next then Finish.

See your data in the Fusion Table?










































Network_Graph.pngOn the "Help" Menu  Select "Switch to Classic View".  You should now see the "Labs" menu option

From the "Labs" menu, select "Network graph", and you should now see your beautiful map.



















Click on the "Get embeddable code" button and select the "Change Visibility" link


































Select "Anyone with the link". Click "Save"

Change the Height and Width to your desired size.  This size will need to be smaller than your column width in your Orion Page you will be putting the resource on minus about 50 pixels.  So if my Orion page column in 850, then I set 800 Width here.

Copy the "Paste HTML to embed in website" text.  Keep in your clip board for future use

Go to NPM, navigate to the page you want to place your Fusion Graph Map on.

From here it's a simple process of creating a Custom HTML resource. This has been covered previously here:

Once complete, get ready to impress your friends, family, and co-workers. Well, perhaps not, but you likely won't be able to stop playing with the new map.

SolarWinds is hosting a Customer Event at Cisco Live Orlando! Sign up to join us for one or more sessions. Sessions will be held Wednesday and Thursday, June 26 & 27, over lunch. The Customer Event will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel, directly across the street from the hotel. Each session is limited to 30 people, and a catered lunch will be provided. We hope to see you there.


Sessions Include:


Wednesday June 26, 11:30-12:30

Don’t Forget the Superglue


This session covers three critical areas that can be overlooked until you’re in a pinch: config backup and policy scanning, network discovery and diagramming, and maintaining a clutter-free helpdesk queue.


Wednesday June 26, 12:30-1:30

NPM – What’s New, What’s Coming, and Popular Extensions


Join us for a product update, one-on-one discussion, and live demo with SolarWinds Product Managers and Head Geeks to learn and ask questions about the brand spanking new PM 10.5 release. The Product Management team will discuss what we’re working n for future releases.


Thursday June 27, 11:30-12:30

Protect Your Network From Hackers


Join us for a power unch to swap stories from the front lines and learn what SolarWinds is bringing to the table in the security space. A SolarWinds customer will also join the presentation to share how they are using SolarWinds in their environment.


Thursday June 27, 12:30-1:30

NPM – What’s New, What’s Coming, and Popular Extensions


Join us for a product update, live demo, and one-on-one discussion with SolarWinds Product Managers and Head Geeks to learn and ask questions about the brand spanking new NPM 10.5 release. This session will also feature a long-term SolarWinds NPM customer as a special guest panelist. The Product Management team will discuss what we’re working on for future releases.


Sign up here!

It’s been a month since the release of NTM 1.0.10., We are now working on our next version which has been guided by your valuable feedback. Below is snapshot on what we are considering.


  • Edit Node Properties – You will be able to Change your Nodes’ Names or Name your Unidentified nodes.
  • Ability to save credentials – NTM will give you the ability to save credentials and reuse it to perform a new scan.
  • Schedule export to Network Atlas – For our NPM users, you will be able to perform scheduled exports of NTM Maps into Network Atlas.
  • Better representation of ICMP (only) Nodes – We are working on building some intelligence in that allows for better grouping of ICMP nodes and better representation of them on the map.
  • Support Hyper V – We will extend our Virtualization mapping by supporting Hyper V



Questions? Comments? Did We Miss Something? If you've got questions or ideas about a particular feature that might be most useful to you or your organization, or want to take part in a release candidate or beta, feel free to comment. Make sure to file a feature request over in our Network Topology Mapper Feature Requests forum if you don't see your request. If someone else already posted it, please add your comments so we know there's interest in a particular feature or issue and please don’t forget to mention the use-case that particular feature will solve for you.


Disclaimer: We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release. If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!



After the release of NTA 3.11 we here at SolarWinds turn our focus on performance and retention with in NTA. There have been several surveys that you all have been great about providing feedback on in addition to here on Thwack. Survey Says: make it run faster! Retain my data longer! You asked, we listened and now we are focused on delivering our next release with these enhancements as the primary focus.

  • Performance:
    • Decreasing Web Page Load Times
    • Decreasing Flow Processing overhead
    • Increasing Flow Processing speed and capacity
    • Decreasing SQL DB overhead
  • Retention:
    • No more data aggregation
    • Greatly increased detailed data retention


And for all you Juniper folks, we're also planning on supporting sampled jFlow. Stay tuned for more updates about beta builds in the near future! Can't be contained in 4.0


Disclaimer: This is not a commitment to a time frame or delivery of any of the features discussed below. This is also not a commitment to deliver all of these features in our next release. This post is intended to give you a rough idea of what we're doing.

DameWare 10.0 has officially been released!  This marks a milestone in DameWare history, with DameWare officially going mobile!  We listened to your feedback over the past year, and one thing we heard time and again was the ability to use DameWare on mobile devices.. With DRS 10.0, you will now be able to remotely control machines with the DameWare agent from your iPad or iPhone running iOS 6 or greater. For those of you running a different OS- <cough>Android</cough> don't flame us just yet; we're very interested in making that happen for you in the future.


In order to securely proxy your mobile traffic from the interwebs to your systems, we've created a new service called the DameWare Mobile Gateway (DMG for short.) DMG is installed on a Windows server installed in your DMZ (or behind your firewall if you have mobile VPN access.)




Once installed, just configure your user accounts, and you are off and running:





The DameWare iOS mobile client is freely available in the AppStore, and once installed will prompt you for the IP address of your newly installed Gateway, as well as user name and password.

After sucessfull authentication, proceed to connect to any endpoint running the DameWare agent. Besides the brand new mobile app, there are several other items worthy of note in this release:


1. Remote mounting of ISO via Intel's vPro AMT - re-install an OS from across the globe.

2. Support for authenticated proxies during silent installation


Full release notes are available here

Detailed deployment guide for DMG here


If you're an existing customer on SolarWinds maintenance then this upgrade is absolutely free to you.  If you've yet to purchase through SolarWinds, you can download and try the new features for free for 14 days.  Purchasing 10.0 gets you a year of maintenance which entitles you to free upgrades and support. I hope you'll check out 10.0, and I'd love to hear your feedback on the new features and enhancements!

If you have used Network Topology Mapper, you know it’s of great use for visually seeing and tracking changes of your network, onto a map.

In past blogs we have highlighted how NTM integrates with NPM. If you missed it you can check out my blog post here.

For this blog, we will see how SolarWinds Engineers Toolset integrates with NTM and how it can make your life easier.

Before we do. Let's perform a quick recap on what these tools can help you with.


Network Topology Mapper (NTM)

Network Topology Mapper automatically discovers and produces a comprehensive network diagram of your network. Some other features that will make your life easier are:

1. Builds comprehensive Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 2/3, VLAN ID specific and Virtual environments network maps

2. Tracks changes in your network environment

3. Export to Microsoft Office® Visio®, PDF, Network Atlas and PNG formats

4. Visually track changes in the network, with the help of the schedule discovery.

5. Fulfillment of information security requirements of PCI/DSS, HIPAA, or other regulatory standard


Engineers Toolset (ETS)

Engineers Toolset is composed of over 50 network tools ranging from network diagnostic, discovery, monitoring, configuration management, security etc. These tools are easy to use and effective to troubleshoot your network.


Engineers Toolset Integrates with Network Topology Mapper.

If you have ETS and NTM on the same system, you can take advantage of the integration of ETS into NTM. Below are the six tools that will work out-of-the-box with just a right-click.

  • TraceRoute
  • Enhanced Ping
  • Lookup IP Address
  • Lookup Hostname
  • CPU Gauge
  • Switchport Mapper


Are these the only tools which are integrated ? What about the rest ?

Fear not, we have added a function called Custom Tools, which gives you the ability to add specific tools depending on your needs and requirement.

My personal favorite is the Neighbor Map tool, I have heard users who have asked for, the ability to perform crawl discovery of a specific node in NTM. Neighbor Map integration from Toolset addresses this request.

  • Right click the selected node. Integration with Custom Tools - Add Custom Tools
  • Give a name for the custom tool (in this case Neighbor Map). Provide the path to the NeighborMap.exe file, which is found in your Toolset installation folder.
  • Under Command line arguments, enter the following arguments /host: (to enter the selected node into the Neighbor Map tool) and click on ${IP} under TIP: Command line Macro Commands (which will pull the IP address of the selected node).
  • Click on Save Changes and the OK button and you are good to go.




Other interesting tools like Bandwidth Gauges (provides real time traffic and bandwidth utilization monitoring), Real Time Interface Monitor (to display interface statistics from routers and switches ) and more can be called from NTM.


If you're an Engineer's Toolset customer and you haven't tried the NTM, you can learn more about it here.



Last updated on 2/20/2014, by Cliton Godinho

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