From the beginning, one of our key objectives at SolarWinds has been to make your  lives better and your jobs a little easier.  We believe that the commitment can be seen in our products and in the strong user community that we have around those products…


But, we haven’t always done the best job of making it easy to work with us.

We hear you and understand that this is an important part of your experience with SolarWinds. For the past several months, we’ve been working on a handful of initiatives that we hope will change that.


Today, we’re tackling one request that we have heard time and time again.


You told us you wanted a personalized experience when working with SolarWinds, including a dedicated team that knows your account, time to evaluate products on your own schedule and a place where you can go as a customer for all your needs. (For reference, visit this thread: Pet Peeve)


SolarWinds is rolling out new processes, tools, and procedures to better serve you in this regard.


  • We’re introducing a customer sales experience featuring a team of hand-picked, experienced professionals who will take the time to understand your current environment and the business challenges you are facing.

    The team, as a whole, has the goal to deliver a host of value-added services to customers including customer-only offers, trainings, webcasts, and more.


  • We’ve launched new functionality allowing you, our customer, to download trials of other SolarWinds products directly from the license management page inside the Customer Portal.

    When you download a trial through the Portal, there won’t be any more registration forms and you won’t be added to our marketing emails, which should cut down on the volume of emails about other unrelated SolarWinds products.

    What will happen when you download from the Customer Portal?  You can expect to receive no more than two calls from a dedicated customer sales team representative.

    The first, shortly after download, to make sure you have their contact information and all the resources you need to install and evaluate your new software.

    Then – unless we hear from you first – you will receive only one more call a bit later to find out what you thought of the evaluation and determine if you have any questions.

    That’s all.




In order to help us improve our interaction and conversations, you now have direct access to our Senior Sales Management team to share feedback and frustrations in real-time. Think of it as our “How’s our Selling?” hotline.


  • Contact us via phone (+1 512.498.6510) and email ( These messages will route directly to all SolarWinds sales VPs, SVPs and EVPs.


  • Within 48 hours of sending feedback, you will get a personal response from a VP and we will take immediate action to correct the situation.