We're pretty excited to add a new product to our family, SolarWinds Alert Central. Alert Central is our free multi-vendor alert centralization, escalation, and on-call management product and today it celebrates it's v1.0 birthday!


There's a ton of content from Product Blog in the previous blog post when we announced the beta, (Alert Central Public Beta Now Available (And, it's a Free Product!)) so I'll just summarize the highlights and let you check it out for yourselves:

  • Intelligently route your alerts to the right teams and the right people in the right order at the right time (whew!)
  • Consume alerts from e-mail sources and route to the right group/team and individual
  • Individual user preferences including notification address and format, timezone, and avatar photo
  • Two-way integration with alerting from Orion family products (including NPM, SAM, IPAM, and others)
  • Automatically escalate alerts when people are unavailable or unable to handle them
  • Use one or more On Call calendars to automate "follow the sun" and traditional "on call" notification
  • Interact with alerts via web console UI (inside the network on either PC or mobile devices) and email (via email, supported on both PC and mobile devices)
  • Free, free, free, for unlimited users


And, here's an overview video with narrated product screenshots for those of you who prefer to listen rather than read:


There's also screenshots and diagrams over on the Alert Central site, too.


Downloads, Documentation, and Support

For those of you that participated in the beta/pre-release testing of Alert Central, we're providing an upgrade. This upgrade will move you from the beta/PR versions to release, but if you run into trouble, you can always export your routing rules and re-import them to a new appliance in production. For new customers, we support Alert Central on Hyper-V 2008 R2/2012 and VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0+.


In addition to the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide, our Information Development team has been hard at work on new Alert Central documentation. If you run into a point where you reach for the documentation for help and don't find what you need, please feel free to post and let us know so we can improve our product and documentation at the same time.


Technical support is available through the Alert Central forum here on Thwack. We have product management and development staff monitoring the forums to help address any issues.


Don't See Something you Hoped to, Expected to, or Want to in Alert Central? Tell Us!

If we missed something that would really float your boat with Alert Central, or something we missed is preventing you from using Alert Central entirely, please let us know by posting and voting in our Ideas area. You'll find a lot of useful suggestions from our beta testers already, and we're using your guidance to make sure we build our roadmap based on YOUR needs. If you run into a technical issue with deploying, implementing, or using Alert Central that's also preventing you from using it, please post in our Alert Central forum.