The release candidate (RC) for Web Performance Monitor 2.0.1 is officially here.  All WPM customers on active maintenance should have the RC waiting for them in their SolarWinds customer portal.  We'd love for you to try it out and post any feedback you have on the WPM RC forums here.


Participation in this program requires completion of this brief survey about your environment and experience with Orion:


WPM 2.0.1 Release Candidate Participation Survey


Thanks in advance for your time!


It's already been a few months since we changed the name from SEUM to WPM and we're happy that it has been well received thus far.


This service release contains a number of improvements in usability and performance. First, as we added support for Windows 2012, SQL 2012 as well as Windows 8 to WPM. We also improved the WPM Player and Job Scheduler, which are now more intelligent and jobs are scheduled in smaller buckets, more evenly distributing resource usage.


We also added the ability to add descriptions of transactions to the Transaction Details resource.

User-defined descriptions of transactions in the Transaction Details resource

This will help to you easily identify your transactions especially when you're managing a large number of them.


Another improvement is related to the mobility of recordings which are using certificate authentication. Now, if your certificate is exportable we are able to save it within the recording and thus play it from any location.


Another great feature to help you set up and troubleshoot your domain name account settings is the WPM Domain Accounts Configuration Tool. This tool has been created to aid in setting up domain accounts for the WPM player which verifies domain settings, the validity of an account in a given domain, and avoid any typos or mistakes in credentials.

Domain configuration tool


Another useful feature is the ability to automatically update the recorder. With new versions of WPM, new recorders are distributed. Instead of having to manually upgrade, you are now prompted to confirm automatic upgrade of the recorder as soon as it connects to a newer version of WPM.


Next we added a new Amazon EC2 region in Sydney, thus widening your options for location-centric monitoring. This new region is also available in previous versions of WPM which support Amazon EC2!


Amazon EC2 Sydney region available in drop-down menu


In addition to the aforementioned improvements this service release includes a number of other bug fixes and usability improvements.  Again, any customers on active maintenance should already have the RC in their customer portals.  Go download it and check it out; it's fully supported and we'd love to hear your feedback.  You can find the WPM 2.0 RC forum on thwack here.