The release candidate (RC) for Web Performance Monitor 2.0 is officially here.  All WPM customers on active maintenance should have the RC waiting for them in their SolarWinds customer portal.  We'd love for you to try it out and post any feedback you have on the WPM RC forums here.


The first thing you'll notice is the name change; SEUM is out, Web Performance Monitor is in.  Hopefully you'll all agree, this is a much better name and describes what the product actually does in a less esoteric context.  Now to the features.  Thanks to Mr. aLTeReGo and the WPM dev team, this release is full of exciting new features and functionality that continue to improve the product.  Let's dive in.


First, we've added support for Java applications.  This means you now have the ability to measure and monitor user experience and availability of your web-based Java applications.  You can find more detail on that here from one of aLTeReGo's previous blog posts.


Next, we've added waterfall charts that give you a new level of visibility into the the performance of each of step in a given transaction.  These charts provide insight into all the different elements that make up a webpage and the order in which they're rendered in the browser.  Screenshot below, and you can find more detail here.


We've also added a new All Locations resource that includes a player load indicator.  This indicator will show you current load, and we've added a resource on the Locations Detail view to show you historical load. In addition, you can now create alerts based on player load.


Another extremely useful feature we've added is the ability to edit recordings.  This will save you the hassle of having to re-record transactions when small changes or tweaks are needed for a given recording.  For example, if a minor change is made in the navigation flow for a given application or page, you now have the ability to edit the existing recording vs. having to create a new one.


Next, we've added the ability to install the WPM player to remote locations directly from the WPM web console.  Select 'Install location on my network' when adding a transaction.


Then specify the IP address(es) of the machine(s) where you want to deploy the player.


Last, specify the appropriate credentials.  Test to ensure the credentials are correct, then you're ready to deploy the player.


And that's not all.  We've also add the following new features and capabilities:


  • Improved Recorder
    • Edit previously saved recordings
    • Define content matching criteria after recording
  • Unmanage Transactions
    • Unmanage transactions from within the WPM Web Console
    • Unmanage transactions on a reoccurring basis with the Unmanage Scheduling Utility
  • Automatic Player Update
    • Centralized and automated player updating to future versions of WPM
  • Enhanced WPM Security
    • Dedicated WPM administrator role independent of Orion admin role.
  • Basic Transaction editing from WPM Web Console
  • Individual proxy settings per transaction.
  • New charting with warning & critical thresholds
  • Disable screenshots on a per transaction basis
  • Player support for proxy authentication
  • WPM support in Multi-Object Chart Resources
  • Top X Locations by Duration now supported in Custom Object Resources
  • Frequency and Description fields added to Transaction Monitor settings
  • SQL 2012 Support


Again, any customers on active maintenance should already have the RC in their customer portals.  Go download and check it out; it's fully supported and we'd love to hear your feedback.  You can find the WPM 2.0 RC forum on thwack here.