Here is a great way to interact with SolarWinds experts and ask questions about products and see demos.

It's called "thwackCamp", it's free, you just need to register here: SolarWinds thwackCamp

More information on SolarWinds thwackCamp


If you missed the event, here are the recordings:

You'll need Flash installed to watch them.


The sessions covered were:

  • Keynote Kickoff
  • How to use the SolarWinds API and SDK
  • Effective VoIP Troubleshooting using CDRs and IPSLA Operations
  • Advanced Alerting and Report Techniques in SolarWinds NPM
  • SolarWinds NPM November Release Preview
  • How to Identify Specific Network Behavior Using NTA
  • Thought Leadership session: BYOD and MDM
  • Secrets of SolarWinds SAM
  • Top 10 Things Logs Can Do for You, Today
  • Managing Performance in Virtual Environments
  • Using WSUS or SCCM to Roll Out 3rd Party Patches
  • Best Practices for Managing your IT help desk
  • How to Monitor your Network, Active Directory or VMware on the go
  • Toolset Deep Dive: 10 Overlooked Tools and Their Uses in Engineer's Toolset
  • Always Available Applications: How To Achieve This Goal with SolarWinds SAM and SEUM
  • Managing Storage Performance in Virtualized Environments