Wait no more, the Enterprise Operations Console or EOC Release Candidate is here with some goodies.


Enhanced Module Support

With this release we added support for both User Device Tracker (UDT) and IP Address Manager (IPAM), which you can see below for each.



Support for Orion Groups

We already support Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) & Server & Application Monitor (SAM) in EOC, but we have added support for a feature of theirs called Groups now into EOC as well.


New Look & Feel

Orion introduced tabs a release or two ago and with this release EOC now has them as well.  We also took some customer feedback in which users had difficulty determining if they were still in EOC or had left EOC into the given Orion server they had drilled into.  This should not occur anymore as the color scheme should be clear.  If you see the white header, you are in EOC and if you see the black header, you have drilled into an Orion server.


We have also added better error handling to let you know if for some reason we have lost polling connectivity with any of the Orion servers with banner notifications as you can see below.



If you are a customer under active maintenance, you should see the EOC Release Candidate or RC in your Customer Portal.


Release Candidates are fully supported by our support staff, so you can call in with any issues and you can also post questions, comments etc. on the forum here