"WE ARE LISTENING" - this is our motto and many of you can confirm that's true. We brought lot of new functionality in our products just because we are listening to you - IT professionals. I would like to say big thanks to all who have contributed somehow and sheared their pain points and problems that need to be solved.


In order to listen to you effectively we added users a possibility to participate on quick "polls"(or surveys) on Thwack. These surveys are just another way how you can express your needs and priorities. We are taking your opinion very seriously so please spend a minute of your time and tell us what's important for you.


You can participate very easily, in fact it is matter of few seconds.


For example you may see our Network Performance Management problems survey:



also available on right pane of Thwack main page:



Just simply click on your preferred choice. Your vote will help us to understand your needs.


thanks for your time.