I'm excited to announce that we're ready for another Beta for Storage Manager. Key to this release are two great features:


Monitoring for EMC Isilon Arrays


Isilon is one of the coolest storage platforms on the market today. It's predominant use case is large file streaming, especially important when working with large media files or as a platform for Big Data projects. Because of these use cases, the Isilon has a very unique architecture that includes just a single file system spread across a single cluster composed of many nodes. We'd love your feedback on how you'd like to see the data from the cluster and the individual nodes displayed and reported on within Storage Manager!


Main Console view for EMC Isilon:

EMC Isilon.PNG


Node Info view for EMC Isilon:

EMC Isilon-Node Info.PNG


Targeted Discovery for SMI-S-based Arrays


Dealing with SMI-S providers can be a challenge for even the most adept storage administrator. This complexity is compounded when working in a heterogeneous storage environment.  Sometimes SMI-S Providers are separate pieces of software that need to be downloaded from a vendor's website (See Diagram Below: Type 1), sometimes they are installed as a component of vendor-specific storage management software (See Diagram Below: Type 2), and sometimes they are built into a storage array (See Diagram Below: Type 3). Knowing where and how these SMI-S providers are configured and installed can be a real pain. Our goal with this release is to significantly decrease the pain involved in setup and configuration of these SMI-S based arrays. That way, you can quickly get to the real work of monitoring, reporting and solving your storage problems with Storage Manager!



Deployment Types for SMI-S Providers found in Heterogeneous Environments:

SMI-S Communication pathways.png


To participate in the Storage Manager 5.3 Beta program you need to fill out this Beta Survey. Then, I can send you a link to the Beta bits.


Thanks for helping us to make better products!