As you may imagine, since Web Help Desk came on board with SolarWinds, we have had a plethora of people ask about how we integrate DameWare Mini Remote Control (MRC) into Web Help Desk. While we have out-of-the-box support for DameWare on the long list of neat features we are looking at for future releases, in the meantime you can setup DameWare integration in just a few, quick steps. Let’s go through it shall we?


  1. Install Dameware on each technician’s computer.
  2. Download and install CustomURL ( on each technician’s computer.
    1. NOTE: the default action of copying into %SYSTEM32% doesn't play nice with Win7. Make sure the executable is in another system path, ignore the message about copying into %SYSTEM32%
    2. If you've already created the custom protocol handler pointing to %SYSTEM32% it can be modified via the following regkey: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dwrcc\shell\open\command
  3. Open CustomURL and Click "Add" button
  4. Protocol: DWRCC (suggested)
  5. Application: C:\Program Files\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control\DWRCC.exe (your install folder may vary)
  6. Arguments: -c -h -m:%Host% -u:myUserName -p:myPassword -d:myDomainName      Additional arguments may be found here:
  7. Open Web Help Desk
  8. Navigate to Setup->Assets-> Options->Other Tool Links
  9. Click “Add Link”
    1. Tool Name: Dameware Remote Control
    2. URL: dwrcc://<network_name>
    3. Check Open in New Window
    4. Select Icon of your choosing
    5. Save
  10. Perform the following for each tech:
    1. Setup -> Techs -> Techs -> [Tech] -> Account Info
    2. Enable Tool Link


Once complete, you can click on the icon you chose previously in the asset view and DameWare will launch a remote session.

DameWare Web Help Desk integration


If you're interested in further integration between Web Help Desk and DameWare, please also check out the attached PDF.

If you already have Web Help Desk, and are looking to try DameWare integration- download the free trial and take it for a spin:


Note: If you want to link Dameware with WHD, but don’t want to store their password in the registry, you can use the following workaround

  • The arguments should be ” “-c: –h: -m:%Host%”  See Command Line options kb for more details
  • Go to “Default Host Properties” and set Authentication to “Encrypted Windows Login” and add your username and password