You told us that you were involved in Cisco (or non Cisco) ACL management and needed help.

Check-out all these requests that you posted on thwack, for a better management of Cisco (and non-Cisco) ACL's.

ACL Management

Has anyone integrated the Athena  FirePAC into your Orion NCM?  Need some advice

ACL hits in NPM for Cisco ASA

Re: Cisco ACL Manager

Help has arrived, it's a new product in the SolarWinds portfolio, it's called FSM: Firewall Security Manager.

Here is a more detailed blog post about FSM.


If you have ever banged your head against the wall, after staring at pages of ACL statements, trying to predict what your firewall or router will do, or understand why this traffic does not go through... or actuall does goes through... this product should amaze you.


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