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Get the cloud monitoring you need! The Easiest Way to Monitor Servers in the Cloud! • Real-time cloud performance monitoring • Installs in seconds • Troubleshoot cloud-based problems quickly and easily Simple and Smart Cloud Monitoring

While the cloud has simplified the ways you can manage your network, it’s also created new challenges that can leave you feeling in need of a little help. SolarWinds offers the perfect sidekick to help you manage your cloud-based servers. With our Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by CopperEgg, you can troubleshoot cloud-based performance problems quickly and easily by taking advantage of real-time alerting on server, OS, system, and process issues. See a video.

Using Cloud Performance Monitor, you get constant monitoring over server, system, OS and process health for your servers running in the cloud. With that info you can keep your cloud-based servers up and running and your customers happy!

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