The following table provides an overview of the SolarWinds products that are certified and under evaluation.  Our current certifications are listed here on the NIAP website.  More information on products under evaluation can be found here.


ProductCertifiedIn Eval
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)10.1.310.6
Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA)3.73.11
Network Configuration Manager (NCM)6.17.2
IP Address Manager (IPAM)1.74.0
VoIP and Network Quality Manager (formerly IPSLA)3.54.1
User Device Tracker (UDT)3.0.1
Enterprise Operations Console (EOC)
SAM (formerly APM)4.06.0
Web Performance Monitor (formerly SEUM)2.0.1
Fail Over Engine (FoE)6.7
Log and Event Manager (LEM)5.7