Since SolarWinds acquired Eminentware earlier this year, we have been interested in all things patch.  The product team noticed there is lack of an organized community focused on the topic of patch management, and decided we would create one.  Last week, we announced PatchZone, which is a new space in thwack where IT pros can go to get news and tips on patching Microsoft & 3rd party applications – regardless of whether you are patching with Patch Manager.  Expert guidance is provided by Microsoft MVPs, and our very own Lawrence Garvin (Patch Manager product manager).  You will also see guest blogs by subject matter experts who have implemented vulnerability management solutions in both very large and small IT shops.  Some of the topics you will see on PatchZone, now and in the future include:

  • Patching virtual machines & off line systems
  • Where do application vulnerabilities lurk and which apps should be prioritized for patching
  • Patching, testing & application compatibility
  • Best practices for scheduling your systems’ patching
  • The difference between patching 3rd party apps with SCCM & a third party patching solution
  • Table of 3rd party app updates – with critical updates noted in red with Security Bulletin


We hope you find this community educational.  If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please let us know.