Since Microsoft's formal launch of SQL 2012 the requests have been coming in about our support for it. You can see several of these requests on thwack here and in our new Feature Requests area here.


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), there have been several significant improvements to SQL 2012 which cause problems for the Orion Platform. For this reason, NPM 10.3 does not support SQL 2012 (as discussed in this KB). However, we have already been hard at work on making changes to support the newest version of SQL. NPM 10.3.1 is currently in Release Candidate and has support for MS SQL 2012. We are still working on adding support for SQL 2012 in the other Orion based products. This post will be updated as we release updated versions of the product that support 2012.



NPM -  Support added in 10.3.1

SAM - Support added in 5.2

NTA - Support added in  3.10.0

NCM - Support added in 7.1

UDT - Support added in 2.5.1

IPAM - Support added in 3.1

WPM - Support added in 2.0

VNQM - Support added in 4.0.1


Remember to follow this post or check back often as we update the status of each product.

Addendum including Windows Server 2012 and non-Orion products here