As posted previously, the SeUM team has been cooking up a few cool new features for the next release, and finally they're ready to share the fruits of their hard labor.

Waterfall Chart.png


The most obvious addition you're likely to notice after installing the beta are the new waterfall charts that adorn the Step Details view. These waterfall charts provide an entirely new level of insight into the performance and availability of your websites and web based applications. They do so by going beyond simply visualizing web performance trends and alerting on exceeded thresholds. The new charts provide insight into all the different elements that make up a webpage and the order in which they're rendered in the browser. Now you're able to clearly and precisely see which content on the page is responsible for any poorly performing web page load times.


We've also added a new Page Elements Overview resource that allows you to easily see the percentage of each element type by size, so you can quickly determine if web page rendering performance is related to the type or size of the content loaded by the page.


Page Elements Overview.png

These new resources are essential tools for not only identifying web application performance issues but also the cause.












There are still tons of other great new features packed into this beta I haven't even touched on yet, but this brief glimpse into the next release is sure to whet your appetite. All existing Synthetic End User Monitor customers under active maintenance are welcome and encouraged to participate in the beta. You can do so by simply signing up to download the beta and playing with it in your own environment.


[Note: Example images of in-product charts based on data collected at time of posting]