It hasn’t been very long since EminentWare joined the SolarWinds family and we are already working on the next release of SolarWinds Patch Manager.  You can get a full run down of all the features we are working on for this release here, but the one that I wanted to focus on today is Microsoft SCCM 2012 (also known as ConfigMgr 2012), which just went GA in April at Microsoft Management Summit. Our dev team is working hard at adding SCCM 2012 support (Patch Manager already integrates with SCCM 2007) and below are a few screenshots which show Patch Manager snapped into the SCCM 2012 Console.

If you are an existing customer of Patch Manager and are interested in signing up for the beta, you can do so here.

sccm 2012 3rd party updates.PNG

List of all available third party vendor catalogs from Patch Manager collapsed in the 2012 console

sccm 2012 admini update servers.PNG

sccm 2012 catalogs.PNG

The details of a given third party patch from Patch Manager in the SCCM 2012 console

sccm 2012 synchronization.PNG
Status of Patch Manager third party patches deployed to end points managed in the SCCM 2012 console