We have recently released IPAM 3.0 and today I'd like to introduce all the major features of IPAM 3.0 in more detail.


    We've received many requests for better user delegation in IPAM (for instance here or here on thwack). Version 3.0 now has a possibility to define and assign user restrictions in more depth. So now you can for example restrict IPAM users per location/departments where the IT department for Europe may operate only with related subnets but they can't change anything in the US ip address scope. You can also prevent users from seeing selected network topology so they can only see s specified part of your network. All of these settings can be done easily through a new permission editor.


Go to the "Settings" -> "Manage Accounts" and select the user which you want to modify. Click on the "edit" button and then you need to expand the IP Address Manager settings. Select "custom" role and click on edit. Then you can see the new user permission editor:



    The second big enhancement in IPAM 3.0 is DHCP management. So far IPAM has been able to monitor Cisco and Microsoft DHCP servers and DHCP scopes. Now you can also easily manage your MS DHCP servers. That means you don't need to jump from IPAM to MS DHCP server console to do a IP Address reservation on the DHCP server or new DHCP scope anymore. SW IPAM can now be your centralized and complete IP address management solution.

To do an IP Address reservation in IPAM and on DHCP server just select the related scope and IP address that should be reserved (assuming your IP is used and contains the MAC address info so the DHCP server may know for what device the reservation is being made). Then click on the status drop down list and select "Reserved". IPAM will offer to do the reservation locally for you or in both the IPAM and DHCP server like this:


You can also create(or modify) new DHCP scopes directly from the IPAM web console via new the DHCP scope wizard. Just select the DHCP server in which you want to create a new scope and click "Add DHCP Scope". Now you will see the wizard that will take you through the scope creation or edit process. You can set usual parameters that are available on the MS DHCP console including exclusions, subnet size or delay offer :




Last but not least, a cool DHCP feature is the real time monitoring of DHCP address leases and assignments. Again, without this you would have to connect to the MS console, which may not be reachable (for example you are connecting from a domain which blocks your RDP connections). With IPAM 3.0 it's a matter of two simple clicks: 1) select the scope. 2) click on "Address leases" button:


When I mentioned IPAM as a complete IP address management solution then it couldn't be done without DNS support. IPAM 3.0 just added DNS monitoring for Microsoft DNS servers and more will come (checkout our what we are working on blog post).

We've added he possibility to add a DNS server and monitor its status (up/down) and all important information:


and you can also see all the details about related DNS zones and their details:


Everything is available via the IPAM web console now.

In order to help you with the migration of the spreadsheet that you may use we have improved the Importing wizard. You can let IPAM create the whole subnet structure/hierarchy if you have such information in your spreadsheet (or it can be easily added after import). Just go to the "Manage Subnets & IP Addresses" and click on the "Import" button where you need to select "Import Spreadsheet". Select the spreadsheet you want to import and select "Groups/Supernet/Subnets" choice. Now you need to identify the column that represents "structure" and IPAM will do the rest for you:


Together with the new "drag&drop" functionality you can either migrate or just change your current IP address infrastructure very easily.

We have made a new IPAM technical overview video you may watch for more information. And as always you may download a free 30 day trial version from our web site.

I hope you like new SolarWinds IPAM and stay tuned for more!