In case you missed Brandon 's post on the Blog, the title says it all: Say Goodbye to Your Pager: We’re working on a new, multi-vendor, centralized alert management product. We also need YOUR feedback about what devices you're using, how you manage alerts, and what you're interested in seeing with an alert management product.


The Cliff's Notes version of Alert Management is that you submit your alerts from various products to this system and it crunches the numbers against who is On Call and which group needs to address issues of that type to make sure the right person gets the hot potato. If the first person can't help or doesn't respond, it'll automatically escalate to the next person, or they can reassign to the group or person who might be better suited to help.


We're looking for everything from demographic info (how big is your team?) to how you'd like to receive alerts (smart phone? analog pager with a 4343 at the end for a good laugh? mobile app? just email?) to any thoughts you might have on the subject. We're all about building products for real IT folks, and Thwack is full of you! Those who fill out the whole survey and provide a little contact info will be entered in a drawing for a couple Amazon gift certs.


Here's the link to the survey over on SurveyMonkey: Centralized Alert Management Survey