This week Storage Manager, powered by Profiler 5.2 was released.   For Storage Manager and Storage Profiler customers, this release includes many  of the features you have clamored for, and we think you will be pleased.  The release focused on supporting Dell Compellent, improving support for other arrays, improving the target view and charting, and more integration with Virtualization Manager 5.0.


Support for Dell Compellent

With the addition of the Compellent arrays, Storage Manager is the only storage product that supports all of Dell's arrays - Compellent, EqualLogic and the PowerVault MD30/32/36 series.  Features of the Compellent support include:

  • Array discovery and configuration
  • Storage capacity, usage and allocation (including thin provisioning)
  • Asset information
  • Performance data (Array, Disk, LUN, Port)
  • Top Ten LUNs
  • Alerting
  • End-to-End Correlation and Mapping
  • Target View

Here is a fully populated Target View for a Compellent Array:

Improved Support of Arrays

In every release, we generally include improvements to arrays that users have been asking for, and Storage Manager 5.2 is no exception.  Here are the changes in this release

  • HP EVA - RAID group performance reports
  • IBM SVC/V7000 - Performance metrics are now per object, rather than split across nodes.
  • IBM DS 6/8K - Array level metrics


Better Charting

The layout of the charts has been improved in several ways to improve visibility and interpretation of the data.  These changes affect the charts generated throughout the product - from the tab menu, the report chart icon, and for charts emailed or published by the report schedules.  Improvements include:

  • Charts are a uniform width, which is especially handy when they are stacked in emails.
  • The number of items charted is defaulted to 5 instead of 10 (user definable)
  • Changed the orientation of the x-axis to be horizontal
  • Moved the legend to the bottom, the filters to the top, and the create report to the top right.

Here is a sample of the new chart, with the changes highlighted:

Improvements to the Target View

The target view provides the single view that shows contention for both array and virtualization.  In Storage Manager 5.2, we made a couple of improvements:

  • Support for NetApp NFS targets, giving you the same great end-to-end view for NFS that we have for iSCSI and Fibre Channel.
  • Populated performance charts for all arrays.


Integration with Virtualization Manager

Storage is an integral part of your virtual infrastructure, and SolarWinds award winning Virtualization Manager covers virtualization, but what happens when you  need to look beyond the virtual layer and take a deep dive into  storage?  In STM 5.1, we added the ability to do this with a single click, drilling from  a VMware object in Virtualization Manager to the associated storage target  (LUN) in Storage Manager.  In STM 5.2, this capability is extended for new links in Virtualization Manager 5.0 (not yet released).  Stay tuned for more information once VMan 5.0 is out.


Odds and Ends

Additional features and capabilities that made it into this release:

  • Extended alerting to more performance metrics
  • Links from Virtualization Manager 4.1.3/5.0 also work with Storage Profiler 5.2
  • Storage Profiler 5.2 and Backup Profiler 5.2 were also released


All in all, this is a great step forward for Storage Manager that improves not only the data available, but also how it is displayed and used. Let us know what you think.