Have you read about What we are working on post IPAM 2.0 and are you interested to try the new features before the official IPAM 3.0 release become available?  If yes, I have great news for you. We are going to serve you a brand new IPAM 3.0 beta build with juicy features to try!

Let's take a quick tour through them:

As you know, we always listen to you and we want to resolve your pain points and problems. Here is something you've asked for (Suggestion for Scanning subnets) and we listened - the new "Enhanced User Restrictions" for IPAM!

Now you will be able to set user's restrictions per supernet, subnet and groups like this:

So now you should not run into any problems where you need to grant access to multiple network administrators simultanously and be scared that they would change something that is not in their administrative scope (for instance when every group represents a site then local network admins will be able to make a change only to their own site).

So that was the first thing you asked for and here comes another one: DHCP Management

We know that centralizing management is very important based on all of the thwack Deleting a DHCP Scope and we prepared an integration of IPAM and Microsoft DHCP servers. Now you don't have to go to a DHCP server, create your new scopes there, and wait for a sync in IPAM. Instead of that, you may do it directly via IPAM and all your DHCP changes will be propagated onto your physical DHCP servers. Or you can mark an IP address as reserved in IPAM and if this IP is managed by some DHCP server then the reservation will be propagated there automatically.


But that's not all! We've also listened to your requests about DNS servers and DNS zone monitoring and the beta has support to poll your DNS servers like this: 

Obviously this is still beta functionality so you may expect more in the final version. Now is a good chance to try out DHCP management and the other new features in your environment and give us feedback if something is not working as expected.

To participate in the IPAM beta program you need to fill out this beta agreement. After that, I can send you link to beta bits.

I'd also like to thank all who participated in the previous beta and I hope that the new build will give you what you are asking for.


Thanks for helping us to make better products!