After the release of NCM v7 (and 2 service releases 7.0.1 and 7.0.2), here is what the NCM team is working on now, for the future of the product.

The main theme is performance and scalability:

  • WEB UI performance improvements. We are hearing the feedback coming from many of you, that the NCM WEB interface is not as fast as the Win32 application is.
    We are also conscious that many cannot allow their users to RDP into the server in order access the NCM UI, for security reasons.
    So the general move to the WEB continues but with a lot of attention being put on improving the performance of the already existing WEB UI as well as making sure that every new WEB UI developed, approaches the performance of the Win32 application.
  • Performance Improvement related to Inventory
  • Improve the Database purge and cleanup activities to avoid performance degradation over time, due to clogging of the database and disk directories with downloaded configurations
  • Support for Additional polling engines to increase the number of manageable nodes or distribute the load across multiple polling engines.

Other improvements include (but are not limited to):

  • More native device support (e.g. Alaxala, Apresia)
  • The “Settings” page is moved to the WEB
  • The Real Time Change detection (RTCD) feature is easier to configure
  • Inventory-related improvements (incorporation of inventory reports from thwack, better Juniper Inventory reports, …)
  • Config Change Template scripting language improvements (e.g. string parsing and manipulation) to reduce the need for external scripting

PLEASE NOTE:  Comments given in this forum should not be interpreted as a commitment that SolarWinds will deliver any specific feature in any particular time frame. All discussions of future plans or product roadmaps are base on the product teams intentions, but those plans can change at any time.