Presented: December 12, 2011

 Hands down one of the most valuable features of SolarWinds Products is the Advanced Alert Manager. All of the SolarWinds Orion products ship with built-in alerts, ready to use as soon an you install. From there the Advanced Alert Manager offers a broad range of options to configure alerts for your environment. Join Andy McBride and Jason Ferree for this level 2 training where we will focus on:

• Alert trigger logic and condition nesting
• Alert trigger types
• Custom Properties and alerts
• Explicit and embedded suppression
• Alert actions and variables
• Using service groups and dependencies 
• Testing and troubleshooting

This level 2 session will explore the best practice for configuring alerts and will also explain the interworking of the Advanced Alerts Feature. To properly prepare attendees should review the Using Orion Advanced Alerts technical reference.


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