Using Virtualization Manager to Manage and Optimize your environment

Presented: November 3, 2011


Virtual environments are complex, dynamic and built upon shared pools of resources, creating new challenges that leave traditional management methods and tools in the dust.  Virtualization Manager addresses these challenges with complete insight into your physical resources, the configuration of your virtual environment, and the performance of both.

In this webcast, we discuss:

  • Performance Management - Get recommendations on performance contention and hot spots across you shared memory, CPU and storage resources.
  • Capacity Planning - Take your planning to the next level by factoring storage and network IO into your capacity plans
  • Sprawl - Identify resources you can reclaim or reconfigure to improve performance.
  • Overview of the new version of Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager

Watch this educational webcast and see what's next for SolarWinds Virtualization Manager!


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