Apollo Lunar Excursion ModuleThe Log & Event Manager team is proud to announce General Availability of our 5.3 version. All customers can download the upgrade via the SolarWinds Portal. We think there's a bunch of features that make LEM 5.3 as cool as a Lunar Excursion Module, but here's the rundown so you can decide for yourself!

Download a Free and Fully-functional 30-Day Evaluation!

One of the cool new features of LEM is the ability to download a trial and see it for yourself. The evaluation of LEM is 30 days of 100% fully featured Log & Event Management goodness, packed into the exact same virtual appliance you deploy in production.

  • Guided setup, an awesome Quick Start Guide, and in-product Getting Started content helps walk you through the appliance deployment, software installation, and first time use. 
  • Simulated data gives you the ability to see what Log & Event Manager's all about before you decide to deploy to your own environment. Simply turn it off and disable it when you're ready to see some of your own data.
  • Simplified deployment to first logon process makes it easy for you to try LEM without jumping through hoops.

Keep Track of All Data Sources

We've added the ability to see all your data sources in the LEM Console, rather than just agent nodes. This makes it easy for you to keep track of additional devices and get an accurate count of your license. And, for existing customers, we've made it so that you don't have to mess around with "Open Licenses" anymore, things Just Work(tm). When you get close to your expiration date or license limit, you'll see warnings in the Console that let you know.

For all LEM customers, when you upgrade you'll want to download your new license from the Portal and apply it. Legacy TriGeo SIM customers are grandfathered using their legacy SIM node licenses and the same enforcement policy.

Updates for Agents

By popular demand from current LEM customers, we've done a bit of a facelift for our agent, rolling up several improvements into a single update. This update includes:

  • An updated Java Runtime Environment
  • Improvements to Windows Event Log SID/GUID processing on Windows Vista/7/2008
  • CPU utilization improvements for virtual and lower resource environments
  • Improved support for agent-based connectors, including extended database-driven collection
  • Support for a native 64-bit (x86-64) Linux installer

Configurable nDepth Export Formatting

Our initial nDepth Export release was functional, but pretty fixed - it wasn't possible to change the layout or control which items appeared in the export. The new export lets you:

  • Customize and save different export layouts
  • Rearrange and select different graphs, charts, and detailed content for inclusion in exports
  • Drag and drop components from available options
  • Change pages from portrait to landscape

Support for Kiwi Syslog Server

We've extended our support for Kiwi to allow customers to use Kiwi as a syslog collector. Instead of forwarding from Kiwi to LEM and duplicating data across the network, you can deploy a LEM Agent to your Kiwi server and pick up the syslog data using existing LEM connectors directly from the Kiwi-formatted files on disk. Syslog collectors are often useful to offload processing from the LEM appliance and to extend your LEM installation into remote networks where sending syslog data over the WAN/VPN would be unreliable or insecure.

Repackaged Downloads

Previously, we provided the LEM upgrade as a single downloadable zip file or ISO, which was nearly 1.2 GB in size. We've taken a different approach this time, and that's to separate all the downloads into individual components. The upgrade download includes the appliance upgrade, Console, and upgrade documentation - the minimum needed to get you going on the new version. For agent upgrades or new installs, you can download individual agents from the Portal, or distribute the upgrade from the appliance. We're still thinking about offering a full packaged download after hearing customer feedback, so if you prefer it one way or the other, that feedback will definitely help!

LEM Downloads

The LEM upgrade will only take a few minutes to install, but customers should be sure they're running at least version 5.2 first. If you need assistance upgrading, we're happy to help; if you've got any questions, feel free to post them!