Last week Storage Manager, powered by Profiler 5.1 was released.   For STM and Profiler customers, this release has many of the features you have clamored for, and we think you will be pleased. The release focused on improving usability, supporting new devices, and integrating with  (also released last week).


Integration with Virtualization Manager

Storage is an integral part of your virtual infrastructure, and SolarWinds award winning Virtualization Manager covers virtualization, but what happens when you need to look beyond the virtual layer and take a deep dive into storage?  You can now do this with a single click, drilling from an object in Virtualization Manager to the associated storage target (LUN) in Storage Manager, where you able to see and diagnose storage bottlenecks in your virtual infrastructure in a single view.  See the  post for more details on the integration.


Target View (aka LUN View)

The Target View unifies all the information about a LUN into a single view so you can immediately see the cause of performance issues and drill down for further investigation.  Highlights of this view are:

  • Target Details - the array information about the target
  • Target Mapping - information about the datastore and what it is connected to
  • Targets on this Group - this is a ranking of LUNs on this Raid Group, allowing you to quickly see if there is cross LUN contention
  • Top 10 VM - ranks the VMs on this target by IO

What the Target View allows you to do is quickly determine if your IO bottleneck is being driven by a VM on that target, or if it is being caused by another target that shares the same physical disks --- and all in a single view.

Extensive Linking to and from the Target View

The new target view would be useless if it was hard to get to, but we have made it extremely easy by adding links in every report that has a LUN identifier to the LUN View.  This means you can be almost anywhere in the product - on an Array, VM, ESX server - and get to the Target view in a single click.  Even better, the LUN view allows you to drill back to other objects with a single click as well.  All of these links simplify navigation through the product, turning 5-10 clicks into 1 or 2 clicks.

Top Ten LUNs

On the main console and on each array, you now have reports that rank LUNs by Total IOPS, Latency, Reads and Writes, so you can quickly identify which LUNs are busiest. And, you have a link right to the Target View, so you can quickly determine the cause of the issue.

Support for IBM XIV and HDS VSP

One of Storage Manager's benefits has always been array support, and we continue with that tradition with full support for XIV and VSP.  The addition of XIV is especially significant for IBM customers, because this allows you to monitor the full line of IBM arrays (DS, SVC, V7000, XIV, N-series and ESS) from a single product.

Odds and Ends

Additional features and capabilities that made it into this release:

  • Support for VMware to SVC End to End Mapping
  • Improvements to Speed and Scalability
  • Storage Profiler 5.1 and Backup Profiler 5.1 were also released
  • Backup Profiler adds support for NetBackup 7.0 and Backup Exec 2010

All in all, this is the most significant release for Storage Manager since the acquisition, adding support for two new devices and taking a tremendous step forward in usability by leveraging the integration of SolarWinds technology into the core of Storage Manager - and this is only the beginning.