We've all had the situation of a troublesome interface. In those cases, it's super helpful to know bandwidth at a granular level, especially when troubleshooting or making network changes. Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor is our newest free tool that is designed to help you keep an eye on those interfaces with configurable polling, with intervals down to every half-second. 

Here's the scoop: 

·        Monitor multiple interfaces simultaneously

·        See interface bandwidth usage by actual and percentage


·        View traffic in and traffic out on each interface

·        Set warning and critical thresholds and instantly see when usage is out of bounds

·        Specify data collection time frame or data point thresholds

·        Poll  at configurable intervals, as frequently as every half-second 


Like all our free tools, it's *free* and it only takes a jiffy to download it and get it installed and running. You can use Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor whenever you need to keep a close eye on an interface... or two. It's a generally handy tool to have around. 

We hope you'll try it out and send us some feedback or review it online.