Do you love free tools? What do you want us to build next? In true SolarWinds style, instead of just making the decision ourselves, we decided to go out and ask you directly. Because, of course, these tools are for you, and you should have some say in what they are!

Choose from five contenders in three categories. Vote in one category or vote in all of them, but by all means Vote Today!!

Application/Systems Tools

Storage/Virtual Tools

Network Tools


And... do you have opinions? Oh, come on, I'm sure you do! We have two free tools in beta and we'd love to get your feedback. 

1. VM to Cloud Calculator - inventories VMs and prices them in the cloud at three major vendors. 

2. Storage Response Time Monitor - Monitor the performance of your vCenter and ESX host datastores. Easily see the host to datastore connections with the highest response times and see the busiest VMs for each connection via IOPs.


If you are interested in trying out and providing feedback on either one (or both) of these, please send me a message or comment here and I'll get you the bits asap!